She did a good job in the sketches, performing as well as or better than the experienced repertory players. It’s enough to warm the cockles of your heart.

Or vice-versa.

And of course, she looks like this:

pm_sydneysweeney_saturdaynightlive_s49e13-2024-1of7.jpg pm_sydneysweeney_saturdaynightlive_s49e13-2024-2of7.jpg pm_sydneysweeney_saturdaynightlive_s49e13-2024-3of7.jpg pm_sydneysweeney_saturdaynightlive_s49e13-2024-4of7.jpg pm_sydneysweeney_saturdaynightlive_s49e13-2024-5of7.jpg pm_sydneysweeney_saturdaynightlive_s49e13-2024-6of7.jpg pm_sydneysweeney_saturdaynightlive_s49e13-2024-7of7.jpg

She’s hot as a redhead from the streets!

Collages by Penman


“Cockles” in this expressions means “chambers.” That’s one of the many definitions of the word. The OED has 12 separate listings for this word (eight nouns, an adjective and three verbs). It also lists eleven compound expressions that use the word.

The pertinent one: The fire-chamber or furnace of a brewery kiln. Derivation uncertain.

Brought up from the comment section: Kaki Hunter and an actress named Antonia Reininghaus in Der Mädchenkrieg (1977) in 1080hd.

This movie started filming in the late summer of 1976 when Kaki was 20. Porky’s was filmed in early 1981, after her 25th birthday.

An interview with Kaki, also from the comment section:

image host

But has anyone seen Mike Hunt? Or his brother, Hercules “Herc” Hunt.


Antonia Reininghaus, the daughter of a plutocrat, was afflicted with severe mental illness. She had a daughter with actor Jurgen Prochnow in 1980. When they split, Prochnow realized that his child was in danger and tried to wrest custody of her through the courts. Tragically, he did not succeed. In November of 1987, Antonia fatally poisoned her child, then attempted suicide. The child died from the sleeping pills and Antonia fell into a coma, but survived. Per German Wikipedia, she never went to prison “due to a psychiatric report.”

(German-language Wikipedia simply says “aufgrund eines psychiatrischen Gutachtens,” and offers no further details. It implies that she was “free to go” without any kind of psychiatric hospitalization or treatment. There seems to be a missing part of that story.)

She later led a reclusive existence and finally succeeded at taking her own life in her apartment in October, 2006 at the age of 52, some 19 years after she had killed her daughter. She had so little contact with people at that time that her death remained undetected for two weeks. As the Austrian “Kleine Zeitung” reported, the owner of the apartment called the police after not hearing from her for a while. According to the police, her body was already partially mummified. Antonia’s mother told the police that her daughter was addicted to heroin, and had already been addicted to drugs when she poisoned her child. The mother also told “Bild” that Antonia never felt any remorse for having murdered her 7-year-old daughter.


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Film clip here.

She’s another nudity legend, and one of my personal crushes. Her appearance defies the conventional definition of beauty. Students of how we perceive beauty have noted that we prefer symmetry, and that we regard a person’s eyes to be the most important aspect of human beauty. Ludivine doesn’t cut the mustard by that definition. Her right eyelid is droopy and her right eyebrow is much higher that the left.

image hosting

Somehow, that just makes her hotter.

1999 – La Banquise


2000 – Bon Plan


2000 – Water Drops on Burning Rocks

2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-01.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-02.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-03.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-04.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-05.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-06.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-07.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-08.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-09.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-10.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-11.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-12.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-13.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-14.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-15.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-16.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-17.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-18.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-19.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-20.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-21.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-22.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-23.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-24.jpg 2000-ludivine_sagnier-water_drops_on_burning_rocks-25.jpg

2001 – Freres Helias


2003 – La Petite Lili

2003-ludivine_sagnier-la_petite_lili-1.jpg 2003-ludivine_sagnier-la_petite_lili-2.jpg 2003-ludivine_sagnier-la_petite_lili-3.jpg 2003-ludivine_sagnier-la_petite_lili-4.jpg 2003-ludivine_sagnier-la_petite_lili-5.jpg 2003-ludivine_sagnier-la_petite_lili-6.jpg 2003-ludivine_sagnier-la_petite_lili-7.jpg

2003 – Swimming Pool

2003-ludivine_sagnier-swimming_pool-1.jpg 2003-ludivine_sagnier-swimming_pool-2.jpg 2003-ludivine_sagnier-swimming_pool-3.jpg 2003-ludivine_sagnier-swimming_pool-4.jpg 2003-ludivine_sagnier-swimming_pool-5.jpg 2003-ludivine_sagnier-swimming_pool-6.jpg 2003-ludivine_sagnier-swimming_pool-7.jpg 2003-ludivine_sagnier-swimming_pool-8.jpg 2003-ludivine_sagnier-swimming_pool-9.jpg 2003-ludivine_sagnier-swimming_pool-10.jpg

2005 – Une Aventure

2005-ludivine_sagnier-une_aventure-1.jpg 2005-ludivine_sagnier-une_aventure-2.jpg

2008 – Mesrine


2010 – Pieds nus sur les limaces (Lily Sometimes)

2010-ludivine_sagnier-pieds_nus_sur_les_limaces-1.jpg 2010-ludivine_sagnier-pieds_nus_sur_les_limaces-2.jpg

2011 – Beloved


2011- Devil’s Double

2011-ludivine_sagnier-devils_double-1.jpg 2011-ludivine_sagnier-devils_double-2.jpg

2011 – Les Bien Aimes


2013 – Amours et Turbulances


2020 – The New Pope – episode 6

2020-ludivine_sagnier-the_new_pope-e6-1.jpg 2020-ludivine_sagnier-the_new_pope-e6-2.jpg 2020-ludivine_sagnier-the_new_pope-e6-3.jpg 2020-ludivine_sagnier-the_new_pope-e6-4.jpg 2020-ludivine_sagnier-the_new_pope-e6-5.jpg

2020 – The New Pope – episode 7


2021 – La Ruche


2022 – The Serpent Queen – episode 2


2022 – The Serpent Queen – episode 4


2022 – The Serpent Queen – episode 6

2022-ludivine_sagnier-the_serpent_queen-e6-1.jpg 2022-ludivine_sagnier-the_serpent_queen-e6-2.jpg 2022-ludivine_sagnier-the_serpent_queen-e6-3.jpg 2022-ludivine_sagnier-the_serpent_queen-e6-4.jpg

She has only made our annual list of the best nude scenes twice: 2003 and 2004. If the list were based on my own opinion rather than a democratic election, she would have been #2 in 2000, and would have been somewhere on the list in both 2020 and 2022, even though she was already in her 40s.

(The voters tend to favor younger women, first time nudes, and North Americans, so a 40ish French woman with nearly 20 previous nude scenes has the deck stacked against her.)