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The New Explosive 'Justice League' Trailer Shows the Team In Action
Exactly one year ago today Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hit theaters. Love the movie or not, it doesn't really matter at this point. Zack Snyder's superhero opus took more risks and left more of an impression on fandom and the cinematic landscape at large than most superhero movies.  The bar is impossibly high for its sequel, Justice League. For those who loved Batman v Superman, Snyder needs to keep his no holds barred approach going. For those who didn't, he needs to find a way to bring them back into the fold again. However you look at it, there's unbelievable pressure on Snyder's shoulders.  And now we get to see what he's been up to for the past year. Check it out. Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017.
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03/25/2017 03:00 PM